Prescription Stimulants Abuse

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The misconceptions and spread of false information regarding prescription stimulants is one of the leading reasons abuse of such drugs is becoming more and more popular among college students across the nation. The increase in rigor of post-secondary institutions is only increasing the motive to recreationally use prescription simulants. Over the years, the abuse of so called “smart drugs” is only increasing; a 2010 study surveying 1025 college students showed that sixteen percent of respondents abused prescription stimulants (Stimulant Medication Use). In a more recent study it was determined that, of the 1253 college students surveyed, thirty one percent reported of using prescription stimulants over a standard 4-year college period (Garnier …show more content…
Polydrug users are people who consume multiple drugs at a time to experience a certain effect (watershed). Being in a day and age where drugs and substances are much more accessible than they once were allows college students to not only abuse them but to experiment with them intentionally or unintentionally. This can be anything from mixing alcohol and nicotine to Adderall and marijuana. A study with 3639 participants showed that past year prevalence of nonmedical use of prescription stimulants was about six percent and that of that percentage ninety percent reported that they used other drugs not including alcohol (Drug use related). It is evident that the use of nonmedical use of prescription stimulants is highly correlated with polydrug use. This is an alarming statistic because prescription stimulants are already very addictive on their own adding additional drugs to the mix will only make things worse. Along with potentially making it more addictive certain combinations with stimulants can be deadly as they many major interactions with other drugs. MAOI’s, Tramadol, Bupropion, and more should all be avoided while taking Adderall and other prescription stimulants due to the fact that these drug interactions can increases the risk of seizures ( It is highly recommended that one consults a doctor before continuing or starting new medications while taking prescription stimulants. However, many college students do not have this luxury because they are illegally obtaining and consuming the medication so consulting a doctor is out of the question due to obvious legal