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I do not support prescription drugs ads and do reject prescription drug ads that are being advertised via television and print media. Prescription drugs should not be advertised in this way because direct to consumer (DTC) drug ads misinform patients, prescription drugs ads increase health care costs, and DTC prescription drug ads weaken relationships between patients and healthcare providers.

Prescription drug ads misinform patients and can lead them to believe that the drug that they see on the television or read in a magazine day after day is the right medication for them based off of how the commercial looks or is designed and also off of the little information that is provided. The commercials are usually about one minute long which is definitely not long enough to explain every things that is important to know about the medication. Studies have found that DTC prescription drug ads are often above the recommended 8th grade reading level for mass- distributed information, meaning a lot of consumers cannot understand the information being presented. It is nearly impossible for consumers to get a good understanding from a short commercial about a serious medication and the medication and its side effects should be explained to a consumer by none other than a healthcare provider. Prescription drug ads increase healthcare costs because healthcare providers will often prescribe a medication that is often advertised on the television because the television has now made the specific medication popular. Healthcare providers are fully aware that the medication that is being televised is a lot more expensive than a generic brand. Generic brand medication has the exact same makeup as the original brand but since generic brands are not advertised directly to consumers they rarely are chosen when prescribing a patient medicine. Brand name drugs cost 30 – 80% more than generic drugs. Brand name drugs that are advertised via the television or through print media also cost more because the company has to maintain the high cost of DTC drug advertising. DTC drug ads weaken relationships between patients and healthcare providers. Often consumers see DTC drug ads and believe that the commercial that they have been seen day after day