President of the United States and Eminent Domain- Power Essay

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Chapter 6 Vocab
Federal System- system that divided powers between states and the federal government.
The branches of government. The U.S runs on a very large federal system.
Impeach- vote to bring charges of serious crimes against a president. Bill Clinton. A president can be impeached if he is caught doing wrong actions.
Veto- cancel. Big Brother power of veto. The president can veto any law he or she does not like.
Executive order- command of power of law. Warrant. The president can issue an executive order.
Pardon- freedom from punishment. Freedom. The president can grant a pardon if he feels it is deserved.
Majority rule- the idea that the greatest number of people in society can make policies for everyone. ¾. When playing tag the kids voted who should be it and Chris was chosen from majority rule.
Petition- to make a request of the government. Disliked law. Citizens petitioned the law of no bonfires in a backyard.
Search Warrant- gives authorities permission to search someone’s property. Search and seizure. The police searched a house in Miami based on suspicion of a drug house.
Due process- laws must be fairly applied. Arrest. All citizens have the right to a due process if they are ever arrested.
Indict- formally accuse. Investigate. The police indicted john smith of black market arms dealing.
Double jeopardy- one cannot be tried twice for the same crime. Casey Anthony. The accused in the Casey Anthony was later found guilty but not arrested.
Eminent Domain- power to take personal property to