Essay Preventing Drug Use Among Young Teens

Words: 2013
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Drug usage in the United States and the world can be considered as one big problem. This following document includes many sources that include information about helping prevent drug use among society. Using drugs can cause many problems to one such as mental, social, and law problems as well. Most drug use starts at a fairly young age, and is also influenced by friends or even family. Although there are many ways out there to help people stay off drugs or even get off of them, not all of them seem to work. Rehabs, drug prevention programs, Public service announcements, and ad campaigns are many things out in our society that are there to help prevent drug use. So what is the best way help prevent drug usage/abuse? How will we
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The article pointed out some statistics that may be appealing to many, it read as follows:
“During the year 2004, 20% of eighth-graders and 60.3% of twelfth-graders reported that they had gotten drunk at least once over the course of just that year, according to the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA). Of the 10.7 million underage youth who drink, 7.2 million or 31% of all high school students binge drink with a frequency of at least once a month”.

These show that underage drinking starts at an extremely young age and the percentages will only continue to rise. If society does not take the initiative to prevent drug use, things will only get worse. This is why drug prevention needs to become one of our priorities as a society. If you are still not convinced that this issue needs to become a priority for our society, then maybe some more information will help.
“Thai students in grades 7–12 indicated that tobacco use was the most prevalent health risk behavior among this age group (Bunjaroonsilp, 2005). More than 60% of the students reported some cigarette smoking while > 20%reported smoking throughout the past year (Bunjaroonsilp, 2005)”.

This information has come from many credible sources; there are many other sources that show that drug use is beginning at a young age as well. Many parents are not aware of the problem, or simply just ignore because they believe that their child would never do drugs. In most cases they