Price, Place, Product, and Promotion: Key Marketing Mix Factors Essay

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The Four P's of marketing are also known as " the marketing mix ." The four elements of the four P's are price ,place ,product and promotion. Getting the mix of elements ,right enables the oragnisatiom to meet it's marketing objectives and satisfy the requirements of customers. In addition to the tradition 4 P's it is now customary to add some P's to give us seven P's.
Business use the marketing mix, because they want to target their audience such as the customar. Using the four P's helps plans a new venture, or evaluating or existing offers , to optimize impacts of target market.
The four P's help businesses by learning about their target market ,and learning about needs and wants of their customers. Due to high demands globalisation, recession and etc companies have decided they would share more interest in their customers. By learning about their wants and needs, and finding new tactics and strategies that can be beneficial for the company.Companies have come to realise ,that loyalty and their customers are assets for the company. The extended market mix is about people,process and physical evidence. which they want to capture value from tThe article has undertaken a thorough study by examination to establish the effectiveness and benefits of installing ceramic filters in households. The results in which filters were installed greatly showed that the quality of water( approximately had a 99.99% declining rate of E.coli in the water treated opposed to the untreated water). Through the household use of filters it was prone to damages leading to contamination when being erroneously handled. Cases of the household having used the filters showed that