Principles Of Golf

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The aim of golf is to get round the course in as little shots as possinle by getting the ball in eavh hole in the least amount of shots that you canhole in ones albatrosses eagles and birdies keep your score low but bogeys double bogeys and triple bogeys make your score a lot higher
A golf course is extremely big with tee boxes greens etc explain

In a bunker you are not allowed to ground the club on the sand this means the club is not allowed to touch the sand before your downswing this is a two shot penalty if you do not follow this rule. In addition to this if your ball is beside the lip of the bunker and you hit the lip with your club during your backswing you will receive a 2 shot penalty. However, if you hit the lip on the follow-through there is no penalty. In the occasion where there is water in the bunker there are 3 options.
1. Play the ball from water with normal bunker rules applying
2. Drop it in a dry spot in bunker with no penalty
3. Drop out of the bunker whilst taking a 1 shot penalty.

Out of bounds- out of bounds are areas of the course where you cannot play the ball from and are marked with white poles. The penalty for out of bounds is a one shot penalty but when you drop the ball it must be within one clubs length from where you hit the ball from originally. This means if you hit your first shot out of bounds you will drop for your second and will play 3rd from the starting position.

Water hazards
If you hit your ball into a water hazard which is marked by yellow poles you must take a 1 shot penalty and you can take it as far back as you want along the line it went in
Whereas if you hit it into a lateral water hazard which is marked by red poles you can drop it two clubs length from where it went in or drop it the other side of hazard but it will be a 1 shot penalty
If there is a drop zone then this is where you must drop.
If you play someone elses ball on purpose or by accident when you realise you must take a 2 shot penalty then play your own ball whilst replacing the persons ball you played in the exact same place.
Golf is run by rounds there are 18 holes played in one round at pro level there are four rounds for a competition and amateur there is normally only one round unless it is a big competition in which case it can vary
In golf you are only allowed 14 clubs in your golf bag any more and you are disqualified
At the start of every competition you must swap scorecards so you do not mark your own and you must show the people you are playing with the golf ball you are using.
Do not cheat if you cheat in golf you get a very bad reputation and it is also very unsportsmanlike if caught cheating it can result in disqualification.
Eticate is a very important regulation of golf if you do not have good golf eticateyou will not be welcome to play with a lot of people .
When your opponent/friend is hitting a shot it is important to keep quiet and stay still so you do not put them off their shot it is also important to repair divots and pitch marks this is to look after the golf course and keep it in good condition.

Handicap system- golf has a handicap system basically this means that whatever your handicap is you have to shoot that amount over or under par to play to your handicap fore example if your handicap is 18 you must shoot 18 over par to play to your handicap to get your handicap lowered/cut you need to shoot under your handicap it is quite confusing for those who don’t play golf to understand but in golf there are 5 categories category 1 is for golfers with the handicap of 5 or under this means for every shot you shoot under your handicap you only get cut 0.1 shots category 2 is golfers of a handicap of 6 to 12 who get cut 0.2 for every shot they shoot under their handicap 13 to 20 is category3 21 to 28 is category 4 and anything over is category 5 in golf your handicap goes up in decimals not whole numbers in golf there is a thing called a buffer