The Battle Of Algiers Essay

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The Battle of Algiers focuses on the critical portrayal of the struggle between the people of Algeria and the French government. The extremist group FNL commenced their movement for freedom from the French regime. The events depicted can be interpreted through Marx’s understanding of decolonization and the strategy of people revolting. We have understood that Marx points out that capitalism creates a system of two classes (the working class and the upper class). In the film, the working class or the people being exploited are the Algerians, while the exploiters or upper class are the French government and people. Therefore, the distinctive separation of classes in the film can be explained by Marxism. The reason the FNL terrorize the French …show more content…
In many scenes (one around 25 minutes in the film) the French men and women have nice cars and spacious, clean streets than the Algerians. Marx would explain the formation of the proletariat into a class and the overthrow of the bourgeoisie’s supremacy, in order to reach the political control by the proletariat. Similar, is the shorter film, Fighting ISIS, in which a Marxism-materialist explanation of the events depicted is that there is class struggle and the oppression of the lower, working class. In this film, looking through the lenses of Marx is more complex because there are many groups of people involved. There are the terrorizing group ISIS which were first the “proletarians” as they were praised by the people but then ISIS starts killing, raping women, and abusing the trust they obtain by the people. The class struggle is then obvious when the United States invades and proclaimed their involvement was to help the Iraq people. However, in the first 5 minutes of the documentary, the ISIS member interviewed states that the U.S. arrival was not welcoming but rather uncomfortable to the