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Term 1

Definition 1

What is learning

The process that changes the way people think, feel, and behave

Term 2

Definition 2

What is a formative exercise

they are exercises in learning and are not graded

Term 3

Definition 3

Summative Evaluation

its is graded test taking

3/8/15, 7:57 PM

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Term 4

Definition 4

Affective learning

learners assign personal value to the content of the lesson- feeling or internalization component of learning

Term 5

Definition 5

Affective learning- receiving

learners pay attention and actively listen to presentations

Term 6

Definition 6

affective learning-responding

it involves an action or response to something that you learned like complying with air force directives ect

3/8/15, 7:57 PM

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Term 7

Definition 7

affective learning-valuing

information learned has a perceived worth or value- terms associated with valuing are attitudes and appreciation

Term 8

Definition 8

cognitive learning

its the critical thinking or reasoning component of learning

Term 9

Definition 9

cognitive level-knowledge

keep, remember, recall, label and repeat info either heard or read

3/8/15, 7:57 PM

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Term 10

Definition 10

cognitive level- comprehension

it requires you to demonstrate an understanding of facts and ideas by organizing, comparing, translating and stating the main ideas more in a thoroughly manner

Term 11

Definition 11

what is the goal of feedback

to identify areas that need improvement Term 12

Definition 12

What is critical thinking

it involves evaluating ones thinking process to increase the probability of a desirable outcome

3/8/15, 7:57 PM

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Term 13

Definition 13

What does appropriate and inappropriate equate to?

right or wrong

Term 14

Definition 14

What are the steps in the IDDP structured thinking process

Identify, Differentiate, Determine,

Term 15

Definition 15

What is meant by "effectiveness"

does it maintain or improve moral/ does it prevent further occurrencethis would be an effective action

3/8/15, 7:57 PM

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Term 16

Definition 16

what is operatinoal and strategic art

understanding of operations and strategic art in conventionalm peacekeeping, and homeland defences operations

Term 17

Definition 17

What is vision

the ability to take a long term view and build a shared vision that clearly defines and expresses a future state

Term 18

Definition 18

What is resource stewardship

the is a ability to to identify, acquire, administer, and CONSERVE
FINANCIAL, informational, technological materials needed to accomplish the mission

3/8/15, 7:57 PM

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Term 19

What is change mgmt

Definition 19

embrace, support, and lead change by understanding the change mgmt process. to perceive opportunities and risks before they emerge

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Term 20

Definition 20

What is ethical leadership

to hold others accountable for areas of responsibility and personal actions while maintaining checks and balances on self and others

Term 21

Definition 21

What is followerhip

it requires you to align priorities and actions toward chain of command guidance for mission accomplishment

3/8/15, 7:57 PM

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Term 22

Definition 22

to demonstrate a hardiness of spirit despite physical and mental hardships
What is warrior ethos displays military bearing, self-discipline and self control