Prison and Jail Administration Grants Essay

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Degrees in Jail
Freddie L. Ward
July 29, 2015
Dr. Yvan Nezerwe
Degrees in Jail
Administration grants prisoners access to student grants. What? Wait....What? This is what I thought when I read the title of this article. We are would give going to allow prisoners have access to federal funds for grants to a college education?! Ok, initially I thought, are you kidding me. Now we are going to pay for criminals to get a college degree for free while those that have obeyed the laws of life check out high priced student loans to live a life of debt! WOW...After reading further I feel I am on the fence in regards to this possibility of receiving a freed education while in Jail. On the one hand, the article states that “A 2013 study found that inmates who took part in education programs behind bars had 43 percent lower odds of returning to prison than inmates who had not. Supporters say the correctional education programs are cost-effective compared with the costs of re-incarceration.” Any logical, intelligent person would agree that if getting the education can reduce the recidivism rate that would minimize the long term financial burden on tax payers. Right? On the other hand every part of me just says....”this is unfair!” Why can’t I get free college tuition and not have the burden of loans? Maybe I should commit a crime and receive these benefits for my life. Heck, I also recently heard that people who have to complete community service may get minimum wage for