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Felipe Mejia
Dr. Whelan
RHW 101
21 October 2014
Food is a way of life. Food should be fun, nutritional, and different. Most importantly, not to be repetitive and boring. While Berry College has the luxury of having places to eat on campus, there really isn’t a variety in the foods in Valhalla and sometimes D-Hall. It really takes away the sense of having a community, and people eat less at Krannert because there is no variety in the food that is served there.Although there are several contributing causes to the problem of the community and food, the main problem is that there truly isn’t any variety of foods over at Krannert; it literally consists of two sandwich places, an Asian cuisine place, and D-Hall. It is not that the people are unhappy about the food, it is the repetition of the same foods, and that there is no variety. This is a growing issue because of what it is doing to the community; in this case, there is no sense of connection with one another when eating. Students enjoy having a good meal, but cannot due to this problem.
People sometimes are unhappy because of the lack of variety of foods that Krannert provides. It is just extra repetitiveness of the same foods. Once there is nothing appetizing to eat, the individuals go and eat somewhere else. The lack of the varieties of food at Krannert is due to the fact that there is no marketing for more varieties of food, and there is no support for making changes in the food that the community eats. If there is no marketing or expansion of ideas, then Berry will keep on losing its sense of having fellowship with one another when dining on campus.
In order to stop losing the sense of community at Berry, due to the lack of food options, is to remove the food shops from Valhalla, and set new ones up where people would actually like to dine. This would mean that everyone would get on board from Berry to determine which restaurants should and should not be marketed for everyone to eat. This would lessen the repeat of similar meals, and increase the fellowship of the community when it is time to eat.
The solution is complex, but absolutely achievable. Firstly, we could have a survey, sent via through e-mail or text, for the students and faculty/staff to see what food places they would like at Valhalla and then narrow it down to at least five choices. During this time, restaurants from popular and local chains could come out and let people try their foods to see what new exotic restaurants could potentially move to Krannert. The next step would be to pick the best ones that everyone agrees to eat at and