Essay about Problem: Nutrition and Children

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Shatonda Johnson
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Problem/Solution Essay

Obesity in Small Children

Dear Sir or Madam,

Obesity is a terrible illness in children that can cause many problems in their lives. This problem is very common and some people think that is not important for us, but we need to take care of that. Children who are overweight in the future will tend to have more problems than regular children. Obesity can cause many problems in these children if the parents do not take care of the feeding of them. Even though this seems to be a big problem, it has some solutions.

Obesity is a big problem that can be seen early in smaller children. Some cannot see all the problems that this illness can cause for these children. One of the many problems that they can face is physical problems. These children tend to have physical problems because they are discriminated for being obese. Another issue is in the child’s health because they can or exhibit the symptoms of diabetes and high blood pressure. Many children do not pay attention to that, but the parents should be aware they are exposed to have these problems because of obesity.

The good news is that this problem has a number of positive solutions. The parent’s active involvement in these solutions will cause great results in the children. One solution is that they have to go with a psychologist to receive help in their traumas due to this problem. There could be hidden trauma and depression in the children because of bullying and name calling at school. School age children tend to bully obese children more than any other child in school. Another possibility is that children can do exercise like walk in the evenings, play basketball, football or another sport.

A final very important alternative is that children who are obese to