Process Essay: How To Train A Service Dog

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How to Train my Dog to be a Service Dog

Dog Training is such a rewarding experience. This is not only time spent teaching your dog how to behave but this gives you time to create an amazing bond between you and your future service animal. To obtain certification for your dog as a registered service animal both you and your dog much competed Basic dog training, pass the canine good citizenship test, and complete the certification process with a qualified Service Animal trainer. The first bit of training should always be the basics. Basics consist of the most basic commands that should be taught before you dive into the complicated commands. The basic commands consist of Sit, Stay, Down, Come, Stand, Leave it and Puppy Push-ups.
The first command is Sit. This command can be used with all other commands. The steps to teach this is treat in front of
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Being able to do this task shows that your dog is friendly and will not bite or growl at anyone.
Being tested on Appearance and Grooming is a test both for the owner and dog. A well groomed dog shows that the owner is taking care of the dog and doing their duties at the owner. This portion also tests the dog on allowing someone to brush them and check their ears, feet and teeth.
Loose leash walking is one of the bigger portions of this test. You do not want your dog pulling on you while you walk. This sections shows the tester that your dog can Heel and walk while the leash is loose. A dog who can loose leash walk should be able to walk without a leash and the leash should just be a technicality.
If you are walking through a busy store with your dog they should be able to Walk through a Crowd and not be distracted. That is the reason CGC tests for this. This is especially big for seeing eye dogs. The owner would never get anywhere if the dog was running into people, trying to make friends or looking for a