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John Sears
Professor, Cassie Case Plott
Eng. 111
21 March 2013
Camo boat My whole life I have enjoyed fishing and the outdoors, so naturally as time progressed I got a job at 16 years old and started to work at Harris Teeter as a cashier then as an audio production assistant at hickory grove Baptist church, also as a cashier at Bass Pro shops. Now that I was working I could finally afford a boat. Ever since I was 7 years old I wanted a boat and now I how one after all these years, so last year I bought a little Jon boat and trailer and started to fix and work on them well needed work. I wanted my boat and trailer to look professional. So I decided to camouflage my boat. I did not want it to look like I did it but like someone professional did it, so I started to research it. As you might have guessed it im writing about, “how I camouflaged my boat”. Before you can camouflage a boat you have to own one, so therefore the first step is to acquire a boat. Then after shopping, researching, and deciding what you will need out of a boat you have the boat that fits you perfectly. in my case I have a little 12 foot Jon boat with an 36 lb. electric trolling motor and a 15 hp gas motor as well. Now you can finally start this process so the second step is buying the supplies. you will need.
1) A boat
2) 8 cans of camouflage colored spray paint
3) A sheltered place out of the elements,” like a garage”
4) A bunch a leaves, sticks, branches, and grass
And last about 2 hours of your time
Where I got my supplies was at Wal-Mart I bought eight cans of spray paint in white, brown, green and gray to create a layered effect in the paint job.
The next step is finding that place where you can paint and it won’t be windy, wet, and out of the elements so that you can paint with no distractions or limitations, I chose my garage. The next step is to make a spot in your garage or shelter where you can paint without worrying about getting paint on anything. Then your next step is to push your boat into the center of the garage so that paint would not go everywhere. Now you actually get too start painting your boat, I started with a couple of layers of base Gray paint. Then I waited for the first layer of gray base coat to dry, and then I sprayed another coat until there was a nice even coat of gray on outside of the boat. The reason for this is so that the next layer did would not use as much paint and the next layer of paint would not use as much paint a. After the base layers dried I went out into the woods behind my house and got a bunch of sticks,…