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Critical Thinking Case Study
December 8, 2014

Critical Thinking Case Study

This report will analyze the case study given by the Chief Executive of AcuScan Inc. All assumptions of the situation will be outlined through the report, and explaining the conflict points by all individuals including an evaluating of their arguments. Accurate descriptions and identification will be assessed throughout this analysis report. The report will conclude with reasonable solutions to the issues that the company or personnel are facing. Finally, the report will have a summary of a recommendation for the Chief Executive of the company.
Assumptions and Arguments
There are arguments going through individual divisions of the company, creating battling between two department heads, which are causing delays in the project and timeline. Other conflicts of the product are the reduction in funding for the AcuScan product, the reality of numbers do not make sense to produce a quality product in the timeframe that one department is expecting. Each department should collaborate and positively in order to be constructive and productive, rather than the nonproductive way it has been operating. Insignificant cost is also adding to the burden of creating a new product and marketing it to retail with a tight timeline.
Development stages of product start in February and have a tentative completion date of August 2003, six months to develop the product. There are specific actions the development teams need to take to rush completion of the product. The following measures to take:
a) Develop promoting purposes
b) Agreement with Wilson Marketing about testing and accent collections
c) Decide if using I-Scanner equipment in retail is the right setting.
d) Decide that futuristic IScanner trade is not compromised by other contestants having the capability create a request similar to IScanner.
e) Realize Secure-A Corp has the competence to expand into retail product with a slight time advantage.
f) Forecasting and predictions of the cost analysis is at a minimum of $575,000
g) Six months is the first run of the prototype to become first to market, and allows for other versions to follow. But allowing Eight to Twelve months is ideal to get it right the first time, rather than offering updates to the software.
h) Documentation of the development stages with production and delays, anxiety accumulates and prolongs the progress of the project which seems to be caused by the unreasonable completion dates of a fully completed and operational product.
i) The budget implies that $200,000 is a substantial amount to complete the product which cutting the budget by $250,000 has put barriers on the development department as it was allocated for hiring of design and programming staff. The product demands cost-effective improvements and ratifications.
Chris, Pat, and Kelly have emails between each director pertaining to the development report conclude particular and relevant subjects need to be approached before progressing to the next step of the process. Without proper and amicable communication between each person it poses difficulties throughout each department, and it does cause corrosion within the progression of AcuScan interrupting any achievement or success of a production plan (University of Phoenix, 2003).
Evaluations and Causes
By not allowing the budget to reflect the proper backing for the right departments cause cheaper restraints that can be the cause of discounts during sales and other company revenue inconsistencies which can encumber the new project financial support. Improper structuring, time frames, and unreasonable financial restraints can cause troublesome outcomes and create departmental disagreements causing grieve among colleagues. During this process, it is segregating the departments creating conflict rather than working together to have a successful product line. Operations are