Professional Development Essay

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Table of Contents
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1.0 Introduction
2.0 Cooperative Education utilised as a form of experiential learning
2.1 Merits of Cooperative Education
2.2 Alternative models of experiential learning
2.3 Executive comparison of Cooperative Education to other models
3.0 Reflection of my experience with cooperative education
3.1 Amendment of opinion and expectations after my first coop experience
3.2 Insight for future careers gained as a result of reflection
3.3 The connection between academic courses and work term
4.0 Conclusions
5.0 Recommendations
6.0 References
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In addition to the skills learned, the ability to apply academic theory, obtain experience in the related field of study, and network with field professionals, is irreplaceable. This provides a strategic advantage to cooperative education students over ones that operate without this model. Cooperative education also provides an opportunity to earn income to invest in further education and aspirations as financing is a dominant part of many students’ lives. But perhaps the most valuable attribute of the cooperative learning model is its ability to provide learning through reflection. By reflection on the work experience, individuals can identify ideal working styles, working environments and types of employment opportunities upon graduation. This provides a strong foundation for aspiring professionals to build upon and aid in their advancement. These merits build a very strong case for educational institutions to implement, and students to seek, such a model to mold themselves into professionals by learning both inside and outside of the classroom.
2.2 Alternative models of experiential learning
There are several alternative and effective models other than cooperative education that allow students to alternate between a schedule of classes and work experience. Below is a chart that illustrates several other models including coop and key information about each learning model.
Table 1
Model Name Description
Apprenticeship Trying a job with a