Target Corporation-Hr Essay

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HR in the Target Corporation

Human resource is an appellation used in referring to the workforce of an organization or company. Human resource management is involved in the act of putting together employees in an organized manner to assure the objectives of the organization are achieved in a competent and experienced manner. Human resources are the most important services of any organization since they are the catalysts of non-human resources and the medium for developing competitive advantages and sounds of creativity. No organization can exist without a human resources department (Walsh, 2009). A company without an HR department would be reducing its operations and could collapse within a short amount of time.
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Employees have their work clearly detailed to them, in job descriptions of their respective departments. This reduces the potential for problems in regards to job distribution. This job design seems to work for Target as it has decreased turn-over in the past years. Employees are more focused while working, than they were before and managers and other team leaders are able to build relationships with their respective teams. Productivity has increased due to an efficient job design adopted by Target.
Training activities
Training is a necessity at Target, as it takes a newly hired person through the necessary steps of their position, before they assume their responsibility. It occurs before the employee begins their job. Usually, it is given by a company trainer or leader with vast experience in the company’s operations. Ample time should be given to the training aspect of the job, as this will have an overall effect on a company’s activities. A company should lay out necessary steps to be used in training before the hiring process is completed. The human resource manager should ensure that new hires are given an all-round training experience pertaining to the job they are to assume (Kinlaw, 1997).
Training enables a company to adapt and utilize technology advancement, since it has a staff equipped with knowledge. Training increases efficiency of any team and also assists the improvement of