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VB - Visual basic – Programmers
Powerful applications can be created with Visual Basic in a relatively short period of time.
Main memory - the computers work area
Secondary Storage - the disk drive
Input devices - is the device that collects the data and sends it to the computers.
Output devices - is the data. The computer sends to the outside world.
Software - Refers to the programs that run on a computer.
Application Software - Programs that make the computer useful to the user.
Visual basic, C # = Popular programming languages for being Windows and Web applications.
C, C ++ = Powerful advanced programming languages that emphasize flexibility and fast running times. C ++ is also object-oriented.
Java = Flexible and powerful programming language that runs on many different computer systems. Often used to teach object-oriented programming.
Python = Simple, yet powerful programming language used for graphics and small applications.
PHP = Programming language used for creating interactive web sites.
JavaScript = Scripting language used in Web applications that provides rich user interfaces for Web browsers.
Keywords (Reserved Words) = the words that makes up a high level programming language are known as keywords or reserve words. Each keyword has a specified meaning and cannot be used for any other purpose.
Operators = in addition to keywords programming language has operators that perform various operations on data.
Variables = a variables is a storage location in memory that is represented by a name. When a value story in a variable, is story in the computer’s memory, just remember that a valuable’s name single word that indicates what the valuable is used for.
Syntax = in addition to keywords and operators, each language. Also has its own syntax, which is a set of rules that must be strictly followed when writing a program. The syntax rules dictate all keywords, operates, and various punctuation characters must be used in a program.
Statements = the individual instructions that you write in a program called statements. the statements that are written in a program are commonly call service code, or simply code.
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Procedures = A procedure is a set of programs statements that exists within a program for the purpose of performing a specific task. The program executes the procedure when the task needs to be performed.
Comments (Remarks) = some parts of a programs are comments, or remarks, that helps the human reader of a program understand the purpose of the program statement.
In Visual Basic, in a statement that begins with an apostrophe (*) is considered a comment. When the visual basic compiler sees a statement that begins with an apostrophe, it recognized it as a comment and skips over it.
Objects and Controls = An object is an item in a program that contains data and has ability to perform operations. The data that an object contains is referred to as properties, or attributes. The operations that an object can perform are called methods.
A control is a specific type of object that usually appears in a program’s graphical user interface.

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Visual Basic Controls
Control Type
Button = A rectangular button-shaped object that performs an action when clicked with the mouse.
CheckBox = A box that is checked or unchecked when clicked with the mouse.
ComboBox = A control that is the combination of a ListBox and TextBox.
Form = A window, onto which other controls may be placed.
GroupBox = A rectangular border that functions as a container for other controls.
HScrollBar = A horizontal scroll bar that, when moved with the mouse, increases or decreases a value.
Label = A box that displays text that cannot be changed or entered by the user.
ListBox = A box containing a list of items.
PictureBox = Acontrol that display a graphic image.
RadioButton = A round button that is either selected or deselected when clicked