Project Control Memo

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Individual: Project Control
Robert Travis
July 21, 2014
Desiree Le Blanc

Subject: Project Control Memo
From: Robert Travis
To: CMGT 410-Desiree Le Blanc
Date: 07-21-2014

INTRODUCTION The budget for the two-day training seminar was presented to the finance committee on 07-14-2014. Moving forward, to the execution phase of the phase of the project, we will turn our attention to project control. It has been mentioned, the concerns for unwanted surprises that are not foreseen until the projects end. In the past there were surprises that ranged from being over budget, late, unnecessary waste, or not up to par. Our main focus during this phase is to, 1) analyze the plan and report any changes, 2) evaluate the quality of the project, 3) set forth a disaster recovery plan, to handle change control, and 4) discuss plans for reporting performance, and quality controls.
BUDGET EVALUATION The budget plan and schedule is pretty much set solid. The arrangements for round trip air travel and hotel stay have been implemented for the dates of, August 19th and the 20th. The dates were changed from the ones that were in the original plan, which were August 22-23, of 2014. The budget has also been allotted for food for the participants, during the two-day event. Transportation for the visitors to get to and from the airport have also been added into the budget, and therefore, there should be no surprises in these areas at this point. The training seminar is to be held at the Sofitel Chicago Water Tower, which is where the reservations for the six participants are made. All of the trainer’s fees and material cost, and are predetermined within the budget plan. The expectations are that there will be no deviations from the plan and no additional provisions to the budget.
QUALITY EVALUATION The projected training sessions are scheduled to last for ten hours, five hours on each day of the two-day event. Training sessions will be followed by group power lunches, at the end of each session. During which time, the group is expected to provide feedback on the sessions. Group session feedback is a great tool for identifying the outcome of the sessions to place into perspective the effects on the individual, as well as the project objectives (Cross, n.d.). Group