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Encyclopedia Reference
A scholarly article found in an online encyclopedia that provides a biography of Jane Addams, “an activist and prolific writer in the American Pragmatist tradition who became a nationally recognized leader of Progressivism in the United States (Hammington).” She spent most of her years of working towards creating an ethical life for immigrants who traveled to the U.S. undocumented. She is recognized for having started the Settlement Movement with her creation of the Hull-House, which was her response towards the sudden influx of immigrants during the time period. The Hull-House provided it’s migrant residents with shelter and services such as “garbage collection, adult education, child labor reform, labor union support, women’s suffrage and peace advocacy (Hammington),” all with the purpose of tearing down social barriers that would otherwise alienate immigrants and consequently prevent social progressivism from occurring.
The author of the article, Maurice Hammington, is an American scholar from Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon, who is an expert in the life of Jane Addams and the progressivism she spurred in American history. The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy does not simply publish material submitted by scholars but it makes sure that all information of the submission is historically and factually accurate. Therefore, Hammington’s “Jane Addams (1860-1935)” is a very trustworthy source of information.
As the article shows, immigration in America has been occurring since the 19th century and continues on today. Many complications exist as officials try to determine what to do with immigrants. Although there are some financial restraints when it comes down to aiding the individuals entering the U.S., there are also many ignorant and biased mentalities—all of which need to disappear. If people really want to see immigration under a better light, creating less trouble, officials must obtain a similar mindset of that of Jane Addams, who believed that aiding the immigrants would help the government in the long run—a progress in society (hence the term “Progressivism”). If people really want to do something about the problem, they need to sympathize, a concept Jane Addams always followed, with the individuals entering the U.S. and understand that there was a reason why they left their country in the first place. Jane Addams can and has served as a model for what kind of attitude we need to adopt when dealing with Immigration.
Hammington, Maurice. “Jane Addams (1860-1935).” Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Retrieved April 3, 2015 (

Book Reference The book titled Illegal Immigration written by Michael C. Lemay serves the purpose of explaining why immigration exists in the U.S. The standpoint the author takes conveys that ever since 1970, immigration has become a big issue in America. Lemay believes that there are no solutions for immigration and that sooner or later the amount of immigrants in a city will grow larger than the amount of citizens residing in said city. The solution he proposed was to simply slow down the dilemma, since it cannot be obliterated. Throughout the book, the author focused almost all his attention on the history of immigration, such as relations to the 9/11, details on Arizona's law against immigrants, the Immigration Rights Network (IRN), the revolving door era and the storm door era. All the information that author reviewed and provided was gathered from historical events, biographies of people relating to the issue of immigration, and also from documents found at police stations. Lemay's main purpose was to find a precise explanation as to why immigration occurs. Michael had a view for immigration different from our group because his search is from people having this same problem. What we see is only