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Project management
Bsc. oil & gas


The rise in carbon emissions and greenhouse gasses into the earth atmosphere is a growing concern for our global world.( A.Kahogirou 2014). As a result of this, many countries around the world have decided to diversify into alternative energy sources, namely solar energy, and other forms of alternative energy.
Solar energy is created when solar panels convert sunlight into usable energy; the most common form of solar power utilizes photovoltaic cells to convert sunlight into solar electricity (A.Cota, etal 2009) In this report we will briefly outline our aims and objectives (British Energy Group), and that of our clients (Bio-Green), stakeholder analysis, project objectives, the benefits of this type of project, and the project management miles stones. We the British Energy Group have been commissioned by an American energy company Bio-Green to make and install solar panel in Ghana in the remote village of Apoungo to boast their energy supply; we will be working in conjunction with the Ghana government. The Resource Centre for Energy Economics and Regulation Report 2011 states that Ghana needs to produce 10% more renewable energy by 2020 to be efficient. With regard to energy and electricity consumption and production there is government initiative to promote the use of electricity for production in the cottage industry in Ghana ( As there is a link between economic growth and carbon emissions (IEA 2014) wood fuel in Ghana currently stands at 60% and is set to rise to 66 million tonnes by 2020, the total petroleum consumption is currently 33% which is 1.6 million bp/d but will rise to an estimated 4.5 mbp/d by 2020 according to the Ghanaian energy statistics.
Miles stone 1
Project objective:
The objective of this project is to design, build and install solar panels in Apoungo village in Ghana to provide affordable efficient source of energy, reduce carbon emissions, and to facilitate economic development in this village.
To use Bio-green’s innovative technology to minimize Ghana’s power crisis, by providing energy efficient solar panels that is cost effective and affordable. Our panels will help to mitigate the impact of current shortfall that causes intermittent power cuts. Install our panels to bridge the gap between demand and supply and thereby ease the pain of local Ghanaians. We aim to increase the supply of solar power supply which currently stands at around 2% to 3% by the end of the project to increase electricity capacity generation from 400MW to 600MW.(

Kew Elements:
The key elements of this project are the solar panels, batteries, inverters, performance monitoring units and utility meters.
Project time Frame:
The timeframe for this project is 12 months we have mitigated possible delays; therefore we aim to finish the project 2wks ahead of schedule. Start date June 12th 2015 and End date June 12th 2016.
Project budget:
The British Energy Group has been given a budget of £500,000.00- £1000,000.00 to complete this project, with 5% incentive if the project is completed ahead of schedule, we aim to use this as our contingency budget to mitigate delays or shortfall . We aim to enter contractual agreement with suppliers to mitigate delays and failure to meet their obligations.
Project Financier:
The project is being financed by Bio-green an American energy company. Bio-green is global market leader in the energy sector and aims to use our consultancy expertise to manage to the instillation and build of this project, with access to their field experts and technological know -how, and capital market reach.
Mile stone 3
Assignment Brief:
Within this project management task we have been asked to identify and research three possible projects; we looked at thee possible projects:-
1 Bio-mas fuel converter: we did a