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Project 1
1: A management meeting for 12 section managers is due to be held on Tuesday, 24 November commencing at 9.30am and finishing at 4.00pm. The CEO of the company will attend.
The meeting is usually held in the boardroom at the company's offices but this room is unavailable. You will need to make alternative arrangements.
Two of the managers will be coming from interstate to attend in person, while 3 will participate via teleconference.
A guest speaker will show a video and talk on technological changes for the year 2007.
Lunch will be catered for on the premises.
In the afternoon, the participants will divide into 3 groups to develop ideas and consider their strategic needs for the upcoming year.

Write out a meeting plan
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Room should be set up according to needs and re-arranged if it’s not correct.
10. A chairperson would need to be selected to run the meeting. The CEO will be the chairperson for this meeting. As the chairperson, they would need to ensure the meeting runs on time, stays on topic and stick to the agenda.
11. The chairperson (the CEO in this case) would need to select a minute taker – this could be a PA or someone else from the company. It would be helpful if they have taken minutes before or at least are capable of recording a high level of detail at a high pace. They could either take
12. minutes in short form at the meeting and expand on it after or type directly to a PC in the meeting and print out directly after the meeting to be review. 12. Prior to the meeting, the CEO and selected minute taker would need to sit down and discuss what will be spoken about in the meeting, the order of events and just a brief overview of all the key points that will need to be recorded. This way the minute taker knows what they should be focusing on when making notes.
13. Once the meeting is finalized the minutes of the meeting will need to be read through and expanded into a format that can be distributed to all attendees and anyone who may benefit from them. It would be best for the CEO and the minute taker to go through these soon after the meeting to ensure the notes are correct and no key points or discussion points are left off. Once they have had a chance to go through the