Orifarm's Organisation Structure Be Optimized To Become A Successful International Company

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1.0 Introduction:

Orifarm is a well-growing Danish company. It has goals to enter new markets and to sell new products world-wide. The aim of this project is to analise company’s Orifarm organization structure. Organization structure is a very important factor to make company work successful, and as different types of companies there are as different types of structures there are, so it is very important to chose the right one for exact company. As the company is growing, their organization structure should be changed as well, so we are going to search for its improvements as we believe that nothing is perfect in the business world as it is changing all the time.

1.1Problem statement:

We will analyze
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Centralisation :
As we can see in above, there are four different corporate, (corporate IT, finance & human resource; corporate parallel import; corporate generics and corporate supply chain). Each corporate is responsible of his department, there is manage by an Executive Vice President who work for the president of Orifarm, then each EVP have Department Manager.
So we can say that the authority is well distribute, everyone knows who he works for and who he is accountable.
Specialisation allows for better production quality because each employee has the qualification required. This is the goal of every company to have the best employees which are formed in the best school.
In this company we can see a good specialisation, in each corporate there is many different department which are specialise in one thing in particular.
The skill of every employee is very important

For this point we have not enough information but we can say that the company respect work rules and country where it operate, i.e. Denmark.
Also she respects the environmental rules during the production of generics, as we can see in the website of the company “Orifarm meets all the strict standards set by the national and EU authorities.” and “all production facilities are frequently