Promoting Positive Health Behaviors Essay

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Promoting Positive Health Behaviors
Identifying a Problem
Healthcare in the United States continues to strive to meet the goal of early detection of disease and illness. The purpose for early detection through any screening program is to detect diseases and identify risk factors connected with the disease, with the end result focusing on preventive care. The method of preventative screening for disease has demonstrated the ability to save lives, as well as decrease the costs of healthcare (Backer, Geske, McIlvain, Dodendorf, & Minier, 2005). A population health issue of concern is the contracting and spreading of the Human Papillomavirus, also known as HPV. HPV is a virus that is contracted sexually through skin to skin contact
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There is a violation of the equal protection guarantee when states exclude the male population from the mandating of the HPV vaccine. There is a stereotype that is gender biased and based on assumptions that only the female population are responsible for preventing or eliminating the Human Papillomavirus. To present HPV in a mode that is equal to both sexes, while attempting to keep the spreading of the virus at bay, the mandating of the vaccine for both sexes in all 50 states would be most beneficial. When developing an advocacy plan for the teaching and prevention of HPV, existing regulations that may impact the advocacy efforts need to be taken into consideration. At this point in time, regulations regarding the HPV vaccination and mandating is individual to each state. A plan that would be advantageous to depleting HPV is to develop regulations that would state that both male and female pre-teens are required to receive the vaccination prior to entering the sixth grade. Sixth grade seems to be an appropriate age since it marks the start of middle school. Usually prior to middle school, the adolescents are educated about menstrual cycles, sexual activity and safe sex. This education provides the opportunity to inform the students about the dangers of HPV, primary prevention, the importance of the HPV vaccination, and why it is administered. Without a doubt, many obstacles would arise if the HPV