Prop 8: Elephant in the room Essay

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In response to the popular slogan: “Say “NO” to Prop Hate,” and one random commenter that I’m betting sounds familiar: “Do any of you who HATE gays, and yes, that’s the correct word, realize that gay marriage has been legal in CA for 4 months and has the world ended? Have all these horrible things happened? Has marriage been destroyed… oh, no, it hasn’t. Weird, right? Get yourselves educated. We need to stop spreading the ignorance. Equality for all! And realize there are gay Christian people."

There are plenty of people in my life who know I love them (well at least they know I don’t hate them,) but also know that I disagree with the choices they are making. They know where I stand because of my religious affiliations. I think the reason these people include me in their lives is because they know I can differentiate between them and those actions I don’t approve of. I love it that these people don’t rely on my approval of their every deed as basis for our friendship. (And vice versa.)

I've noticed a commonality- maybe those associated with AA could define it better: people who choose to act on inappropriate feelings (addicts, sociopaths- people who can choose their actions vs. people with ticks…) have not only an interesting rationalization for their behavior, they also have the manipulative tactic of implying that, to the ignorant onlooker, there is no difference between actions and the people making the actions.

I'll illustrate. A kleptomaniac steals something. I think that’s bad. But they have convinced themselves, and many others, that the very desire they have to steal is evidence of it’s validity as acceptable behavior. And to top it off, they twist my words, and call my disdain for their behavior, hatred for them.

Here’s a point of disagreement between me and most people who have deviant sexual habits. A person who feels the need to steal, was born with that desire, and is only happy when stealing, can’t get away with it. Society won’t let them. Not only that, but most feel the need to change their behavior to be acceptable to the majority of society and to God. They don’t want to be defined as kleptomaniacs. The only difference I see between people with destructive tendencies and people who call themselves gay, is that “gay people” have numbed their consciences, and the conscienses of many others, to the point that many no longer feel the need to change their behavior to be acceptable to the majority of society and to God. Some have even convinced themselves that because they have these evil tendencies, God must have made them that way and wants them to act on those tendencies. God didn’t create a “gay person” any more than he created a “kleptomaniac.”

I've heard the argument that without sex with someone of the same gender, a gay person can’t experience love in their lives.

Maybe sex isn’t what love is all about. Maybe denying evil tendencies (who doesn’t have them) is what life is about.

I've heard stories of wonderful people who took their own lives because they couldn't live with their burdens. What have we been taught about burdens? What have we been taught about enduring to the end? When have we been taught to pray for God to take away these burdens fully expecting Him to grant our wish? Whatever happend to Thy will be done? If living with these particular tendencies is your lot in life- embrace them as your trials, and use them to make you stronger- like any of the carnal desires all of us have! Enough playing the victim card. So you are embarrassed. So you wish you were like everyone else. We are ALL embarrassed by our various less-than-righteous inclinations. We ALL have the tendency to look around and think everyone else has it easier. We also know Who has felt every last bit of pain and suffering we have felt, and have, every last one of us, been given the promise that we can feel joy by coming unto Him.

I’m going to be honest. I loved a guy who had no instincts to kiss me, and