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2618 Fifth Avenue Seattle, Washington C4R G6Y (380) 723-7283

February 22, 2015

Mr. Christian Grey
Grey Enterprises
2618 Fifth Avenue
Seattle, Washington C4R G6Y

Dear Mr. Grey
The Company is well aware of the old fashioned dress code and it is the intent of the proposal to stick with the old way of business attire, but add new clothing because of the new and approved fashion standards.
It is the intent that work attire should complement an environment that reflects an efficient, orderly, and professionally operated organization. This policy is intended to define appropriate “business attire” during normal business operations and “casual business attire” on Fridays. This will allow employees to have a day to dress comfortably and add onto the old form of “business attire.”
The Company should recognize the growing popularity of casual business dress and the positive effects of this shift to boost employee morale, improve quality, encourage more open communication and increased productivity, therefore, creating a more comfortable work environment. Saying that, casual business attire will be permitted on Fridays. The Company reserves the right to continue, extend, revise or revoke this policy at its discretion.
Enforcement of this guideline should be a shared responsibility of Company management and supervisory personnel as well as staff members being active in up keeping the policy.
The key point to sustaining an appropriate causal business attire program is the use of common sense and good judgment, and applying a dress practice that the Company deems conducive to our business environment. As a company we should enforce the rule: if you question the appropriateness of the attire, it probably isn’t appropriate.
Appropriate Business Casual Attire
Business attire is to be worn Monday and through Friday. Appropriate business attire for employee include the following:
Blazers, suits, or sport coats
Dress slacks
Dress shirts with buttons and collars
Dress shoes or clean well-kept fashion shoes
Sweater vest/ cardigan Women:
Skirts or skorts*
Dress slacks
Dress shoes
Nylons or stocking
Black jeans
Leggings are allowed if underneath a dress or skirt
High heels * Skorts are defined as non-tailored split skirts. They do not include walking shorts or Bermuda shorts.

Appropriate Friday Attire
Casual business attire may be worn on Friday of each week. Appropriate casual business attire for employees including the following:
Sport coats or blazers
Slacks, Corduroy
Polo shirts with collars
Oxford button-down shirts
Sweaters and cardigans
Blue jeans
Casual shoes may be worn if they are presentable and free of damage