Pros And Cons Of The Day Reconstruction Method

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How can we measure the well-being of society? One of the most sophisticated methods is ‘The Day Reconstruction Method’ (DRM) created by Kahneman et al. (2004a). In this essay, I will examine the validity of the DRM from two perspectives: public perspective and methodological one. Firstly, I will summarize the features of the DRM and its advantages. Next, I will show that the DRM violates neutrality, which is an essential element of public perspective. Moreover, I will indicate the plurality of values that are composed of well-being. Finally, I will examine a plausible solution proposed by advocates of the DRM, and I will indicate that the DRM has a fundamental methodological problem.

‘The Day Reconstruction Method’ (DRM) is a method of measuring
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For example, the pleasurable activities such as watching TV are not necessarily the rewarding ones. They find that while individuals evaluate relatively low in pleasure towards some activities such as commuting and time with children, individuals consider that such activities deserve rewards. Consequently, the sense of reward has a positive impact on SWB; hence, they suggest that the sense of reward shall be included in one of the components of SWB. Additionally, Diener et al. (2011) shows distinctions between daily satisfaction and life satisfaction. According to them, non-hedonic aspects of well-being such as meaning and purpose in life strongly relate to life satisfaction; on the other hand, the amount of pleasure relates to daily satisfaction. The important point is that the root of life satisfaction and that of daily satisfaction are different. What the DRM assesses is too narrow to measure well-being.

Advocates of the DRM may nevertheless claim the usefulness of the DRM as an effective method of measuring experienced utility. The limitation of the method such as narrow view of well-being can be improved by revising questionnaire (Dolan and Kahneman, 2008, p.230). Nevertheless, I believe that the DRM has a fundamental methodological problem that cannot be solved by such simple readjustments. We should examine it from methodological aspects, and then I will cast doubt on whether it accurately measures experienced