Robotics in Surgery Essay

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Robotics in Surgery Snehal S. Mayekar Department of Biomedical Engineering, YTIET, Bhivpuri Road, Karjat.

Abstract-- Objective: Tracking the progress of new Robotic Surgery techniques, their limitations and future scope. Background: The field of robotics has the potential to alter how we live in the 21st century. This paper explores the Surgical Robotic Systems in use, their applications during different surgeries and the future scope. Method: Articles describing the
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The system was designed for minimally invasive microsurgery procedures, such as beating heart, endoscopic coronary artery bypass grafting (E-CABG) and initiated more complex procedures like a mitral valve surgery. Hermes is another important robotic system that does not use robotic arms but is used to connect all the intelligent tools in the operating room. It is a centralized networking platform designed to control many devices which allows surgeons to voice control them. Networking all the components in the room also gave the robotic system more control over the operating room environment like changing the positions of table, video cameras and surgical equipment and changing the lighting conditions etc. The network system was further extended outside the operating building using Socrates to form a tele-surgery system enabling more experienced surgeon far away to take control of the operation. In 1995 another strong competitor in the field of robotic surgery, Intuitive Surgical was formed based on foundational robotic surgery technology developed at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) International. In a short time the company collaborated with leading institutions and companies like IBM Corporation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Heartport Inc., Olympus Optical, Ethicon Endo-Surgery Ð a Johnson & Johnson