Pros And Cons Of Year Round School

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There are numerous discussions about year round-school. The arguments are over if us, the students, should go year-round or not. It comes down to this, rather it is or isn’t a good thing. Many people have different opinions. There are many pros and cons to a year round school. Kids are wanting a break after the long academic pressures of school. Its also harder for schools to run a year round schedule. Lastly, families need a vacation. Year-round school is an issue and is ruining our American tradition of a summer break.
The first reason for kids to have a Summer break is because many kids feel they need a long break to recover from the academic and social pressures of school. According to the authors of “School Summer Break- Good or Bad?” summer breaks need to stay instead of changing to the new-year-round schedule. Some kids say that
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According to Kimberly Demucha Kalil, teachers all need a long break to prepare for the upcoming school year. With the year-round schedule, teachers wouldn’t have a lot of time to plan for the upcoming year. It takes some teachers all three months to prepare for the year. It’s also very hard to run a year round schedule due to many reasons like sporting events, kids and their family vacations, and holidays. Not all people are able to plan a weeks’ vacation on school times (Kalil). Similarly, in Jaclyn Zubrzychi’s article, she also thinks teachers need time and its more complicated for a year-round schedule. It costs more for a school to run a year round calendar than the old one. Furthermore, schools don’t have a lot of money to begin with, so how are they supposed to spend more? The school’s calendar can get so complicated; it can end up hurting tourist attractions (Zubrzychi). With no long breaks, people can’t go to as many places. All family vacations will be put on hold, therefore even stopped due to time