Psychology 224 Paper

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Psychology 224 Paper:


Participants My interviewee is a male, age 21, from South Africa, ethnic background is Africa. I chose him as a participant because he went to school in South Africa but came to Canada for University. His mother also did university in Canada and then returned to South Africa to pursue her career. For the purposes of this paper I will used the pseudonym Josh.

Procedure The main questions that I asked Josh in the interview are as follows. The Interview took place at Starbucks. The coffee shop was relitivley quiet we were able to talk in a relaxed conversational way. The interview took around 1.5 hours. Josh and I had an established peer relationship so it was fairly east and comfortable to ask the questions. He answered without hesitation and felt comfortable enough to expand on the questions without any guiding.


Culture 2 I found through my interview with Josh that education is highly valued in African culture. Particullarily education through university that will ensure you with a high paying and secure job. Education is something that individuals want but they also face a fair amount of family and peer pressure when making the decision to attend or not attend. My interviewee had an interesting view on education he did not necessarily prescribe to the cultural view he thought education was much more important that that.

Aspect 1: Education In your Culture After my interview with Josh I can conclude that Education in South Africa is highly important. The educational system is set up so that everyone can have a chance to go to school. Josh explained that the goal is to get to university and universities will make an expection based on your living arangments. For example: “ If you want to be a medical doctor and you only received grades in the 60 range; but you lived in a shake with no lighting or running water and you fit a specific racial demographic chances are you will gain attmitance. The country understand that people coming from such dire situations cannot be expected to have the same grades as say you or me. Culturally we support people stiriving for higher education even.” What I draw from this is that it is ingrained in the society that education is highly important and taken very seriously.

Aspect 2: Personal View My