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Psychology 2301.93021 (63430) - Online Class
General Psychology
January 22 – March 15, 2013

Instructor: Dr. Patricia A. Lyons E-mail:
Division: Communications and Social Science
Cyber hours: Times vary based on student need. Emails answered within 24 hours.
Office Hours: M/W 10 -11:30 a.m.; T/TH 11:00 – 12:00 p.m., or by appointment
Office Number W-189B
Course Number PSYC 2301
Section Number 93021(63430)
Class Meeting Time None (INTERNET Course) No face-to-face meetings. 100% online.
Credit Hours Three (3)

Introduction to Psychology surveys major topics in the study of behavior. Factors which determine and affect behavior are examined. Psychological principles are applied to the human experience. (3 Lec.) Coordinating Board Academic Approval Number 4201015125.

The purpose of this course is to provide you with an overview of the major areas of study in the field of psychology. This course will introduce you to concepts and critical thinking skills that are used in psychology and that will help you learn to think like a psychologist. You will learn about major theoretical perspectives in psychology, research methods, and concepts from different content areas such as physiological psychology, developmental psychology, social psychology, and cognitive psychology.
Understanding some of the major concepts in psychology should prove beneficial for understanding the mental processes and behavior of people, as well as providing a framework for future studies in this field. This course should help you to develop insights into understanding learning and memory, personality, stages of human development, stress and its effects, behavior in groups, and psychological disorders. Thus, the course will expose you to information that is not only interesting but also useful in “the real world.”

Developmental Reading 0093 or English as a Second Language (ESOL) 0044 or have met the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) standard in Reading.

COURSE MATERIALS/RESOURCES NEEDED You have several options, please read this entire section

1. Required Textbook Package: Ciccarelli & White, Psychology: An Exploration 2e w/ New MyPsychLab ISBN: 9781256723028 Required Custom Package w/Making the Grade discount a. Soft-cover book with MyPsychLab access code $130.90 in MVC bookstore, includes eText (also available on for about $123.00).
The options listed below are available to you from
Type in Ciccarelli & White or the ISBN in the space that asks for Title, Author, ISBN.
Scroll down until you find the picture to the left.
For a limited time, you can apply a promotional code for a one-time 15% discount. All of the prices quoted below include the discount, but not tax – shipping is free.
The code is Spring13 and must be entered when you are ordering.

b. Loose-leaf version of the book, eText, and MyPsychLab access code for about $86 (plus tax). c. If you are comfortable going all electronic, eText and MyPsychLab access for about $75.00 (plus tax) d. If you already have a copy of the 2nd edition book, MyPsychLab access only for about $36 (plus tax) e. You may have temporary access to MyPsychLab for a 17-day period. After 17 days, you will need to purchase the program (or enter an access code from the bookstore package) or your subscription is cancelled and all history of your work-to-date is not viewable. For the temporary access, got to and register for the class. 2. Reliable Access to the Internet and eCampus. (You may use on-campus computers or your own).

Psychology 2301 satisfies the Core Curriculum Intellectual Competencies defined by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. 1. READING: the ability to analyze and interpret a variety