Psychology and Booker T. Washington Essay

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For this project I was faced with obstacles that filled me with anxiety and fear, yet instead of becoming disabled and distracted by my fear, I used my coping and reframing skills to change not only my cognition, but also my affect and usual behavior. I accepted the fact that I was overwhelmed and changed the way I thought about the presentation. I used the negative thoughts I had about the project as motivation to get it accomplished. The fear of failure led me to be pro-active ad schedule my interview early on. As the interview approached however I became increasingly more nervous. I had been prepared but I couldn’t help thinking something would go wrong. As I was walking to his office I used the Act as if method. I pretended that I was confident and told myself that I was ready for this. Dr. Juris as we call him is an expert in mostly foreign policy, but has a strong passion for international law. He has been inspired by an undergrad prof to go into teaching himself, and also by Plato’s Republic because it talked about how to create a stable and good government. I chose him not only because he is my teacher in my major but because the way that he teaches is passionate and inspiring. As my interview came to an end I was relieved that I had scheduled it early, even if it were only out of fear. My next obstacle was now this presentation, and my first time presenting in front of a college class. I started procrastinating, and then the week before I was to present came up