Psychology and Multi-intelligence Test Essay

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The first test that I took during this evaluation was the personality type test. After getting back the results I found out that I am an ISTJ or the “Examiner”. When I first read that I really did not know what that meant so I clicked on the button that gave me an overview of that personality type. After reading the explanation I have found that between what I read and what others describe me as are very true things. The ISTJ can be described as dependable, hardworking, punctual, honest, caring, trustworthy, dedicated, responsible, level-minded, loyal, faithful, good judgment, fun to be around, and private.
The second test that I took was the multi-intelligence test. After receiving the results I found out that my highest areas of intelligence are the bodily/kinesthetic, visual/spatial, and intrapersonal areas. The bodily/kinesthetic people can best be describes as active people who learn best by movement. They are usually into sports or dance, are well coordinated, and aware of their bodies. The visual/spatial people can best be described as artistic and remember things they see. These people have a good sense of direction and the world around them. The intrapersonal people can best be described as independent learners. They enjoy figuring out and understanding their feelings and goals. Intrapersonal people are also self-aware.
The third test that I took was the learning styles inventory. I learned that I am almost in the middle between an active and reflective learning but I lean more towards the reflective side. I am also in the middle of being a sensing and intuitive learning but I lean a little but more to the sensing side. When it comes to being a visual and verbal learning I am absolutely a visual learner. As far as being a sequential or global learning I am very close to being even but by a slight difference I am more of a sequential learner. After taking all three of the test and reading the results thoroughly I have found that all three of the test match up. None of the results really contradicted one another so they were very easy to understand as a whole. The two tests that matched up the best were the learning style inventory and the multi-intelligence test. Those two tests basically said that I am a hand on type learner who not only likes to learn the facts but make actual use to the facts and put meaning behind it; which for me would be doing it physically. I was not at all surprised at these results seeing that throughout my entire educational career I have taking these test and have gotten the same results. I stated in my first paragraph that most people have described me just like ISTJ is described and since I have been in college I have really seen some of those traits come out. By finding that most of my results were correct or something I have already discovered before I did not really find a lot of new information. The…