Learning Theories Essay

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Learning Theories • The Technological Revolution • The Spectrum of Learning Theories • Behaviorism • Constructivism • Fitting the Other Theories into the Spectrum • Theory of Multiple Intelligence • Learning Theories and the Brain • Brain Structures • Implications for Learning Theory • Implications for Multimedia • References By Darren Forrester & Noel Jantzie
Kilde: http://www.acs.ucalgary.ca/%7Egnjantzi/learning_theories.htm This chapter takes a brief look at the two major categories of learning theories (behaviorism and constructivism), the major theorists within those categories, and the implications of those theories for the use of multimedia and communications and
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(Tapscott, 1998, p.127)
Tapscott's thesis that the "technological revolution" is permeating every aspect of our lives forces us to examine the use of computer technology as learning devices. Such rapid social, economic and general lifestyle change, due in essence to the technological revolution, begs the question - based on learning theory, why does the use of computers as a "learning" tool make sense? This chapter will answer this question by profiling the many learning theories. [pic]
The Spectrum of Learning Theories
As a review of the literature of learning theories will illustrate there are many labels being used to describe the many theories. Moreover, there are many theorists associated with each approach. A categorization of these labels and theorists will help in understanding these fundamental theories.
The spectrum of learning theories consists of many approaches or ways of explaining how humans learn. A description of each of these theories will suffice in providing you with enough knowledge to critically examine the use of computer technology as a learning device. The resume of each theory will consist of: • the associated names of the theory • a description of the theory • theorists associated with the theory • hyperlinks on the World Wide Web Diagram #1: The two extremes Behaviorism Constructivism
The extremes