Psychology And Spirituality In Christian Counseling Book Review

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Summary It is true that many books are written regarding the importance of the relationship between psychology and theology. Dr. Mark M. McMinn in his book Psychology, Theology and Spirituality in Christian counseling, has given to the field of counseling an amazing input explain with a unique characteristic that Psychology and Theology can coexist for the benefit of the individual, without having the repercussions that some who are opposed to this fusion of sciences argue whenever they can. The beauty of a Christian counselor is that apart from being a counselor, the counselor is also a child of God, and this without doubt will help the client in understanding more about their human issues. This in any way means that counselors will not …show more content…
It challenges them to remaining in their Christian principles, “Historical and systematic theology, biblical understanding, and Christian tradition are all valued and considered essential components of counseling.” (McMinn, 2011, p. 270) Since without them, the counseling that they offer will be just counseling without the insight that the Christian counseling can provide. It is interesting that when a book that discuss issues as sin, prayer, scripture, confession, forgiveness and redemption as McMinn discusses (McMinn, 2011), they will not be very well seen by some, due to the fact that many of the issues discussed in the book, will bring to light the many wrong approaches that many counselors have with their clients.
When in God through Isaiah said, “How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, who publishes peace, who brings good news of happiness, who publishes salvation…” Isaiah 52:7 9 (English Standard Version Bible) this statement are not only directed to those who are working in a primary ministry, but it is also for those who with their care and support watch over the spiritual and mental health of their
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Following this guideline will give the counselor a firm foundation in being more productive in the counseling setting. However, it is necessary that the Christian counselor have sensitivity in hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit in their life. This will be critical in understand the spiritual and many other issues in the life of the client. And as McMinn states in his book about the recommended steps to follow in order to have a successful result in having a life of pray, reading of the scriptures, recognize sin, having confession, forgiveness, and redemption.” (McMinn, 2011) Without them the counselor will be far away from meeting the goals for the client. If after the Christian counselor having followed the mentioned steps in the text results is not seen, the Christian counselor will make a review of what went wrong and turn back to God and ask about it. Without doubt God will answer that question. This time the counselor needs to make some adjustments in the different approaches that was used. Clients will be waiting the fresh counsel when this came from a life of intimate prayer and devotion that the counselor had with