Psychology: Drug Addiction and Present Researcher Essay

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The object of this target population this researcher has chosen to speak about is convicted youth offender’s that use illegal drugs. The present researcher wanted information on the different contributed factors, treatments that are used, and what programs are used to help them. Many problems families have to deal with are what programs are designed to help their children. Parent’s only wants the best for their children. This type of problem can cause a number of problems in the home. Will your family be there to support you or will they turn their back on you? Will they help and encourage you in this time of need. Will they be disappointed in you? This type of problem can cause distress on your family and the people who are around you. This type of conviction can cause an individual to develop low self-esteem for him or her. This type of behavior in teenagers could develop from disadvantage families. What this researcher means, families in which many parents are not working, have low levels of education and low self-esteem. Another reason is the type of crowd that individual hangs around (peer pressure). Family conflict is natural; when it comes to these families have a hard time dealing with this type of issue. They often wonder if they keep quite maybe this will go away. Addiction is something that will not go away. The researcher feels if you deal with the problem right from the beginning, you will have a chance of recovery. Also, the researcher feels that person will