Psychology: Drug and Operant Conditioning Action Essay examples

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Chapter 6:
6B. Tolerance for drugs is explained by the occurrence that people get used to a certain level of medication and in order to "feel" like they are getting the effects of the medication, they take more of the medication.
Most people who take illegal drugs are taking it to relieve themselves of some "pain" or to make them feel better, happier, or more powerful, which is the same thing as relieving a pain. The drug has two actions, an operant conditioning action, which makes you feel "better". This "better" feeling only lasts for a certain amount of time, however, and usually the person feels even worse than they did before, if for no other reason, because they felt better earlier. Now they have to relief their bad feelings, so they need more drug to relieve the after effects, and now they feel better. Each time they take the drug it is like being reinforced for taking it. Even animals will eventually give up eating to take cocaine, until they starve to death.
Chapter 7:
7. Playing a recorder, replays everything exactly how it was recorded. when people try to remember something, we usually can’t remember exactly what was suppose to be remembered. Replaying a recording you can hear exactly what noises were made. When people use their memory to try to recall the noises that were made they usually can’t exactly recall the noises. Replaying a recorder has a specific amount of memory it can take. Peoples memory can remember more things, but it won’t be exact