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Anxiety Disorders 1.) Anxiety Vague general apprehension or feeling that one is in danger a. Makes you ill sometimes 2.) Phobia intense irrational fear of an object or situation 3.) Panic Attack sudden helpless terror b. Could be any of the following: choking, smothering, Difficult breathing 4.) Obsessive compulsive Disorder think the same thoughts over and over repeatedly preform the same coping behavior over and over again 5.) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder severe and long term after effects from a traumatic event c. Flash Backs-- dreams

And mood disorders 1.) Schizophrenia Group of disorders characterized by confusion, disconnected thoughts, emotions, and perceptions. a. No one cause b. No one cure 2.) Delusions false beliefs maintained despite evidence on the contrary. c. Delusions of grandeur d. Delusions of persecution 3.) Hallucination Perceptions having no direct external cause e. Paranoia 4.) Bipolar Disorder Alternating feelings of euphoria and depression 5.) Seasonal Effective Disorder Struggle with depression in the winter 6.) Suicide Variety of reasons f. Usually related to pain or escape

Personality Disorders and drug Abuse 1.) Antisocial Personality Disorder irresponsible, Shallow emotions a. Lack of conscience b. Disregard for others c. Often very intelligent 2.) Addiction pattern of abuse with overwhelming compulsive desire to obtain and abuse drugs. 3.) Tolerance Body adapts to use d. Need more of that drug 4.) Withdrawal Symptoms which occur after a person discontinues use of drug 5.) Alcoholism Abuse of Alcohol e. Americas most serious drug problem

1.) Psychotherapy Any therapy used by therapists to help troubled individuals overcome a problem 2.) Eclectic approach combination of methods 3.) Placebo effect influence of a patients hopes and expectations have on his/her improvement during therapy 4.) Empathy Ability to put yourself in another persons shoes. a. Trait needed for therapists b. Understand Complexities 5.) Group therapy People work together with a leader to resolve problems. 6.) Self Help Group Same as group therapy but without