Pt1420 Unit 2 Assignment 1

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Question #1: If every person on the planet lived as I do, then 4.32 Earths would be required to support the population. This means that my lifestyle is not sustainable, and I consume far too many resources for one person. Additionally, I am using more than my fair share of resources, and I would need to drastically change what items I buy and which foods I eat if I want to live more sustainably.

Question #2: I consumed the most resources in my food category due to my high dairy and meat based diet. Despite considering myself to be environmentally conscious, I simply do not live a sustainable lifestyle, which truly puts things into perspective for me. I could reduce my excess consumption in a variety of ways, yet the most significant impact with the easiest to implementation would be to switch to a vegan or vegetarian diet. I am a highly active eighteen year old boy who eats meat and dairy regularly, so replacing these calories with more plants and vegetable would be both healthier for me as an individual and for the planet itself.

Question #3:
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Comparatively, the higher consuming yet still moderate countries hail from all parts of the globe, though Latin America does make a strong presence. Quite unsurprisingly, the countries with the highest ecological footprints are first-world countries in North America, Western Europe, and an assortment of other places. I believe consumption is the primary determinant in a country's total environmental impact as two countries can have similar consumption with completely different populations. For example, India has a population of 1.2 billion people but consumes an eighth of the resources per capita as the United States