Essay about Public Health Care Is the Way to Go

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Public health care is definitely the only health care which should be placed within society. When health care is socialized it ensures that it is available to everyone equally. No person, no matter their social class, or economic status should be denied medical attention for any reason. All humans are equal, which means equal treatment should be given to all. With public health care a person cannot be rejected treatment because they cannot afford it, or do not have health insurance. In a private health care system people can be rejected health insurance due to a previous or current health condition. It is ridiculous how people can be refused health care for having a track record of medical problems. Having a history only means they need …show more content…
Also insurance is still needed to cover prescriptions, dental treatments, and physical rehabilitation treatments. Even though our health care system is public there are still private funded aspects that go along with it. Despite the downfalls, Canada’s health care system is still better than most countries. All medical costs are covered by the government. Canadians do not have to be worried when getting sick because it will cost them nothing to visit the doctor. Also if a person needs surgery or treatments they do not have to worry about paying thousands of dollars in order to receive it. For example if a cancer patient needs chemotherapy, they do not have to worry about becoming bankrupt in order to receive the treatment. Canadians do not have to live in a health care system where their life is on the line whenever they have a medical issue because they are worried if they cannot afford the costs. Canadians are able to pay for their health care system through taxes, which are not much higher than countries with private funded health care. For example Canadian income taxes are not that much larger than the Americans, yet Canadians are able to provide free medical treatment for its citizens. Although Canada has an excellent socialized health care system there is still room for improvement. Canada would need to work on a