HCS 451 Organizational Performance Management Essay

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Organizational Performance Management Organizations across the board monitor performance in order to be profitable, and make their stakeholders happy, including healthcare organizations. The following paper will address similarities along with differences among three specific healthcare organizations; long-term care, VA hospitals, and community/public health systems. We will also discuss how each organization monitors performances, and how each organization achieves regulatory and accreditation compliance. Communication with leadership in order to align organizational goals, and compliance with regulations and development of risk and quality management systems will also be addressed. Long-term care, VA hospitals, and …show more content…
The standards that deal with the outcome and performance issues are considered to be the most important standards to promote the healthcare quality improvements.
The “Longtermcare.gov” website states that long-term health care effects nearly 70% of people over the age of 65. With such a large portion of the population using this type of health care it is important that the risk and quality management systems that are put in place are in fact bettering the care these patients are received. Risk and quality management systems help to ensure that patients are taken care of and protected. Some ways that states are ensuring this protection is by screening and evaluations, risk assessments, communication, education and staff training (Selid & Galantowicz, 2005). The unfortunate reality is that long-term care facilities do not always follow the risk and quality management systems that are put in place. What is more unfortunate is that the population that