Punch Brothers Music Analysis

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The Punch Brothers song felt very thick and solid. It was extremely sharp and defined. At times I did feel like the vocals got buried just a little bit. It was just enough to where you were not one hundred percent sure what he was saying because you tell he is fighting with other instruments in that range. But all the other instruments were so clear and present. I felt like the center image on this track was a bit smeared. To me personally I thought it felt a little heavy on the sides but sort of lacking down the middle.

The Chris Thile song also had the same quality of clarity of instruments and on this track the vocals were defiantly out front and a little off to the left. The mandolin is very crisp and in your face. The reverse cymbal crash in the beginning and throughout the song was very interesting. But when the electric guitar came in I felt it was a tad over bearing for the instrument to just come in and then completely disappear. Sonically I felt lie it was really chunky and heavy. I felt like it was an invasion of privacy it felt so close to my face.
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Like the song didn't have room to flow and breathe. I honestly felt like I was in a small club listening to the punch brothers track it feels so natural. I could close my eyes and depict each instrument doing there respective parts. Especially that crazy bass line at the end of the song. Over all if I were choosing favorites I would have to go with the punch brothers track because of the natural