Pyramid of Intervention Essay

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Module 6: Pyramid of Intervention
Stephanie R. Clements
Grand Canyon University: EDA 561
May 9, 2012

Pyramid of Intervention The Pyramid of Intervention is a term applied to the system of supports that a school provides for its struggling students. It is a three tiered model of instruction and intervention. Teachers begin by using the state curriculum with all student and monitoring student progress. The teacher adapts resources to fit the needs of the students. Progress is assessed by observations, assessments, and the collection of student work. Children learn curriculum differently depending on a their readiness, participation in class, support from parents, and learning
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Even when using interventions, the curriculum must always be followed. It is at the descretion of the teacher which instruction strategies to use unless certain ones are in the action plan for certain students. By varying instructional strategies, all students needs can be met due to different learning styles. The interventions used with a student who is struggling still uses the state mandated curriculum, it is just presented in a different way. 90% of the students with tier one interventions are successful. The remaining 10% of students may need to be referred for testing or moved to tier two. The Pyramid of Intervention is a tool for teachers that evolves as a child’s needs change. The main goal of the pyramid is to provide structure and interventions to aid students where the need it, equips the struggling students with the tools to be successful, and allow teachers to enhance their instruction as needed to reach all students. The ultimate goal of the Pyramid of Intervention is to provides teachers and staff the framework to guide students to achievement. A school wide implementaion of this model will help address the needs of all students to increase academic achievement and accountibility. Documentation is maintained for study to ensure the continued success or continued help for students. The increase of parental communication and involvement is a key component to help the students be successful. The bottom of the pyramid