Qcf Level 3 Unit 1

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B1. Reflect on your professional definition of quality and safety developed in Professional Roles and Values, including any necessary changes to your definition.

Before I enrolled in the Professional Roles and Values class at Western Governors University, my definition of “Quality and Safety” merely meant, practice safe nursing, which I interpreted as following the guidelines, rules, and regulations of the state you are licensed in and the facility you work for. After taking the Professional Roles and Values course at Western Governors University, I have learned that there is so much more to quality and safety. For example, in task one of the C304 class, I learned about the contributions of historical nursing figures, and how they went above and beyond merely following rules regulations. By doing so, these women helped
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Then researching the problem by finding scholarly qualitative and quantitative research papers, and finding the better solution utilizing evidence-based practice guidelines. Then, becoming a leader and presenting this evidence to your manager and stakeholders.

B1a. Discuss how the program assisted you in developing your professional definition.

The program assisted me in developing a professional definition of quality and safety by utilizing several various aspects of learning materials. The class text was very informative and is easily read, the interactive study guides were handy and attending the cohort sessions proved to be invaluable.

B1b. Identify the artifacts in your portfolio that support your