Quality and Operational Management Essay

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In this modern time, for any individuals, organizations, societies, governments and institutes the safety of their respective fields is a major concern.

We have many practical examples in our daily routines like the safety of properties, banking, industries, personal belongings like mobiles and cars where every individual or organizations want them to be safe. This can be only achieved through a good security system which can protect their systems or fields. Therefore I have here chosen the security system for this assignment. Any unauthorized access or attempt directly captures through security camera and this picture directly send to the respective individuals mobile or organizations control rooms as footage. While employing this system, password has to be set, so any unauthorized attempts or access directly alert and in this way, it eliminates the human watch.

| House |Door |
| |Laptop |
| |TV, |
|Schools/ Universities |Server Rooms |
| |Data and Information Rooms |
|Banks |ATM |
| |Computers |
| |Lockers |
|Industries |Power plant |
| |Control Rooms |
|Individuals |Cars |
| |Bikes |


1. Customer Satisfaction

|1.1 Stakeholders and Expectations. |
|Stakeholders |Expectations |
|1-Share Holders |Profit |
| |Market Share |
|2-Board of Directors |Revenue |
| |product/ Image Reputation |
|3-Customers |Great Quality |
| |Affordable Price/ Customer Service |
|4-Employees |Excellent Wages- Salaries |
| |Job Securities |
|5-Retailers |Customer Satisfaction |