Quality Improvement In Nursing

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Understanding the severity of medical errors and the role that nurses have should be a driving force for nursing programs to review and make necessary changes in the curriculum. One area that nursing education and nursing practice need to put more emphasis in, is highlighting the importance of evidence-based practice and quality improvement. The Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) has identified both evidence-based practice and quality improvement as competencies needed for nursing students to provide safe, quality care to patients (Peterson-Graziose & Bryer, 2017). New nurses should understand the importance of both quality improvement and evidence-based practice as they relate to patient safety and their career. Amer (2013) discusses the idea of a standard residency or transition program in which a new nurse is paired with a preceptor for a set time with the outcome focus being improved patient safety. The transition period will allow the new nurse implement the information and training from school into practice with the assistance of an assigned preceptor. The key to improving preparedness and perception of importance by new nurses in regards to quality improvement and evidence-based practice is preparing the nurse educators and preceptors. Nurses of all experience levels need to be involved in quality improvement, identifying potential safety concerns does not need to come from only experienced …show more content…
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