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Homework 10
Wireless Security
1. What is BlueSnarfing and what can you do to prevent it?
This is unauthorized access to wireless information through a Bluetooth connection. You can prevent this kind of attack by keeping your Bluetooth turned off unless you are using it.
2. Some sources say to never dial area codes 284, 809, or 876. Evaluate that advice.
A lot of these area codes can charge thousands of dollars when you call a number using them, but some of them don’t
3. What are the three categories of wireless LAN attacks covered in the chapter? 1) Discovering the network 2) Attacks through the RF Spectrum 3) Attacks involving access points
4. What is the difference between a rogue access point and an evil twin? Rogue access points – installed by internal user Unauthorized access point that allows attacker to bypass network security configurations Evil Twin – installed by hacker
AP set up by an attacker. Attempts to mimic an authorized AP. Attackers capture transmissions from users to evil twin AP
5. In what way is interference a security issue? Interference is signals from other devices that can disrupt wireless transmissions. This can cause certain systems to run slower or freeze the system.
6. What is a MAC address? How does it relate to wireless LAN security? It is the I.D. on laptops, tablets, etc that uniquely identifies the device.
7. Why is turning off the "SSID broadcast" considered a weak security measure? It can discovered when transmitted in other frames
8. Briefly describe why WEP is no longer considered