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RDP-Gender Inequality & Family Issues
GI Jane Breaks the Combat Barrier by Lizette Alvarez
Pg2 Though we can see how great of an improvement has in the battlefield to have women out on the field, it also goes to show that the military still isn’t up for letting women fully in. They only want to give them a taste but not enough for them have to experience that they are yearning for.
Pg3 regardless of what country women are fighting in, they are still needed. There will always be those select few that have negative stereotypes on where women belong, but in reality wherever a man belongs a woman has the right to be there too so they can also experience what men experience, positive or negative. .
Sexual Violence in the US Military by Helena Merriman Pg4 When will females who have been raped/sexually harassed realize it’s not their fault?? It’s the fault of the rapist to not have the right mind and think that this act is acceptable. I can never understand how they can live with themselves after they commit these gruesome act.
Pg5 Why can’t people of high ranks in the military see this as a problem?? By them drilling out a female victim, it’s making them believe more and more that there is no hope for them elsewhere. In some cases, it may lead to depression or maybe even suicide.
Debate over Military Sexual Assault by James Dao
Pg7 It’s shocking to read that the majority of “service members who are sexually assaulted each year are men” I would never imagine that.
You would assume that men who are in the military would have the force to physically fight back when they are put into this situation.
If people are starting to find out that men are also victims will that raise the awareness of rape/sexual assault in the military? Will Congress fight harder for the rights of victims?
Pg9 You can’t possibly believe that because more women are in the military and the repeal of don’t ask don’t tell is the cause of this. This has always been going on, but people were afraid more of what others would think of them and of their career/rank in the military to step up and let others be aware of what’s really going on.
How long will it take for more people to come out and let people know that they were raped by females? Will that place a bigger shame over their head vs