Rachel Carson Research Paper

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Rachel Carson was a biologist and a pioneer in history in the study of effects of pollution on the environment. In 1929, she earned her degree at John Hopkins University, which not many women were enrolled there during her time. She authored many books on pollution and the environment. Rachel Carson also helped the Navy detect submarines in World War II by developing programs to investigate undersea sounds, life, and terrain. As a writer and biologist, she became an idol and a celebrity in women's history.

First, as a young child, Rachel fed her curiosity for writing and biology in her small hometown. She was born in 1907 in Pennsylvania in a small rural town near the Allegheny River. She fuled her curiosity for nature by exploring her 65 acre farm. She fuled her love for writing by making writings in a kids magazine. Rachel's childhood had a
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In 1936, Rachel was appointed junior aquatic biologist with The Bureau of Fish and Wildlife. At the time, she was one of only two women to be working for the Bureau at a professional level. Not long after that, during World War II Rachel worked in a program to assist the Navy by investigating underwater life, sounds, and terrain for submarine detection. THen, her first book, Under the Sea, published in 1941, captivated her readers by presenting readers with deeply scientific material in clear poetic language. In 1943, Rachel was promoted to aquatic biologist in the U.S.Fish and Wildlife. The success of her second book, The Sea Around Us, caused her to resign her post and devote herself to writing. Her third book, The Silent Spring, her most popular, did not just captivate readers it also influenced people's decision to ban pesticides and much more. Sadly, Rachel Carson died of cancer in 1964. To this day Rachel Carson's life's work continues to influence the way scientists and biologists look at the