Racial Discrimination In America

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The idea of the American Dream has inspired many Americans and immigrants for generations, but the lack of success for immigrants and certain racial groups has made the true definition of the American Dream questionable. The American Dream is the idea of reaching wealth and prosperity through hard work, despite whatever background one comes from. It is the basis for the preamble of the Constitution; but as time passed it seems as if the true definition of the American Dream is fading away and it is becoming just another paradox. Over the years, Americans have been inattentive in efforts to reach social mobility that they are unaware of the inequality that now surrounds the American Dream. Instead of representing equality for all, the new American …show more content…
The racism in the American society is so overpowering that it influences the economic positions of all Americans; and America has been known to be very contradictory so their passion for the American Dream is not any different. Americans believe that their government is “weak, stupid, overbearing, dishonest, and inefficient” and they “would like to impose it upon everyone else.” Americans also “proudly insist that [they] base [their] political positions on the issue” yet they will continue to “vote against a man because of his religion, his name, or the shape of his nose”(Steinbeck). The American Dream signifies a system in which everyone receives equal opportunity, but the biased and contradicting ways of American society suggests that the American Dream is a delusion for Americans. We as Americans are aware that our government is racially corrupted yet we fail to make changes and continue our discriminatory method of ruling, and even with our corrupt government many Americans still believes that social mobility is a reality for