Essay on Racism and Racial Independence

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To determine whether racism can be considered a matter of how it affects the party intended or if the targeted group is only able to decide if racism has occurred, one must consider what “racism” really is. One definition basically states that 'racism' is the belief that one race is 'superior' to another and therefore has the right to rule others. If you subscribe to this thought and you are trying to 'rule' another group because you feel genetically superior to that person or group, being called 'racist' is not accurate. The more correct term would most likely be 'bigot', which is being intolerant of another race, creed, or belief/opinion. The term ‘racist” is so miss-used and overused that it is almost a defenseless claim. For instance how does one prove they are not a racist? Would an accused person ask their Asian or African-American friend to speak on their behalf to squash an accusation? Most likely not. When the term racist is used it is usually baseless and used when nothing else can be said to debate or argue facts over.

So how is the determination made that an act of racism has occurred either directly or in theory? The general belief is that you can only be racist if you have supposed/believed/perceived power over another person or group. Of course, the minority are always to ones to determine that you have the power and those same people who are so-called 'victims' of racism can't be racist themselves since they have no 'power' in return. But this idea is skewed at best and for a minority to decide that an act of racism has been committed against them is almost as equally single minded. Racism can be many different things. Racial supremacy is obviously racist, so is genocide. But racial independence and preservation can also be considered as an act of racism even as far as valuing and promoting one’s own race over another and promoting racial preservation and independence. So if valuing the minority to their own standards is not achieved then is it accurate to say that an act of racism has occurred. For example something as simple as not honoring tradition by taking off